Angelique Van Woerkom

“I remember the concert very well. It was my first big concert 
where I was allowed to take photos. I was very happy to get accreditation for one of my favorite bands and I was extremely nervous.

Backstage, the manager asked me if I wanted the Mick or the Keith side. I couldn’t walk in front of the stage so I had to choose. Well that was easy because….who is Mick? Haha. I remember that we were guided to the photopit during the 2nd song. I placed myself on the Keith side and within one minute he gave me a wink, came over to me, and sat right in front of me (some 5 feet away). Everything inside my head was working overtime, within five seconds I thought:

Should I scream KEITH, KEITH!!! Should I touch him, or should I act like a pro and do my job? If I take his picture, which shutter speed should I use (my hands were shaking like crazy).

Luckily, I kept my cool and chose a very high shutter speed, so by accident the background turned out very blurry…resulting in this photograph. I had not done anything with this picture as no one seemed interested, because it is black and white. One year ago (in 2013), the Rockarchive Amsterdam saw this photograph and wanted to add it to their collection. Rockarchive Amsterdam showed it to Gallerie Blumann in Paris and the rest is history!”