GFGR sponsors an undergraduate Intern Program for qualified college upperclassmen. GFGR’s Intern Program provides students who have an interest or are considering a career in law the opportunity to experience life at a law firm prior to committing to law school. Interns work alongside the client service providers and administration personnel to learn about both the “front office” and “back office” work of the Firm.

Since 2003 more than 60 students have completed internships and they have consistently attributed high value to their experiences. Although the Intern Program originated by seeking candidates principally from the University of Texas at Austin Liberal Arts Honors program (and GFGR’s successful partnership with that program is on-going), all qualified students may apply. GFGR conducts its application and interview process with the rigor a student might encounter in a professional situation in order to provide the students yet another valuable work-related experience.

Students interested in the GFGR Intern Program may contact Professor Larry Carver at the UT Liberal Arts Honors program office at 512.471.3458 or Alternatively, students may contact GFGR Firm Administrator, David Giordani, at 512.370.2737 or for further information. GFGR interns are paid on an hourly basis, and full and part-time positions are available.