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Supporting Families Around the U.S.

GSRJ is proud and enduring supporter of the Austin community – but world events often compel us to reach beyond our borders and extend a helping hand to families navigating situations far beyond their control. That is why we have become a proud supported of the Autism Hope Alliance, an organization that embodies hope for families facing an autism diagnosis. AHA provides education, support and financial assistance to families facing the challenges of autism.

Did you know that 1 in 59 children in the United States is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder? Or that the diagnosis costs caregivers an extra $60,000 per year through childhood. Moreover, mothers of children with ASD earn 56% less than mothers of children without health limitations. Families need help and AHA provides that; to date, the Autism Hope Alliance has helped more than 55,000 families and provided more than $2 million in assistance.

The organization has recently launched its Support Autism Hope campaign in collaboration with Tony Robbins. He will match every dollar donated to the AHA to ensure families around the country can get the support they need while living with autism. Learn more and donate today!


A Lawyer for Good Government: Chatting with Cindy Grossman

Cindy, right, with another attorney at Newark Airport, listening to oral arguments in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In the two weeks since President Donald Trump issued his executive order restricting travel to the United States, our country has been confronted with many challenging questions. Countless legal minds have wondered, “Is this politics as usual or something altogether different?” There are no easy answers. In the legal and constitutional chaos that have resulted, however, firm partner Cindy Grossman has found an edifying opportunity to affirm her identity and pride as a lawyer. We asked her a few questions about her pro bono assistance at Newark Liberty International Airport, and what it all means to her.

GSRJ: How did you first get involved?

CLG: My experience with what is now (mostly humorously) known as the Law Firm of the Resistance started the Sunday morning after the order was signed. Despite my lack of direct experience in immigration law, I can research and write, and with some guidance, I can understand enough of a new area of law to be helpful to the experts. So, after perusing the Facebook page of “Lawyers for Good Government” and seeing the massive network of like-minded individuals who sprang up overnight to defend our Constitution, I decided I would sign up to volunteer. I’m so glad I did.

GSRJ: What has the experience been like?

CLG: Well, things have been a little quieter at Newark than at some of the larger airports throughout the country. We haven’t necessarily been dramatically running to the courthouse to file habeas corpus petitions. Instead, we mostly stay abreast of any developments with the various legal challenges across the country and others’ practical experiences with Customs and Border Protection, and then monitor incoming flights for affected travelers to help prepare them for what they may experience when passing through immigration, and to offer any advice that we can. Many of those travelers are simply comforted to know that we are tracking their arrival, and that we’re right on the other side of immigration should they need us.

A broader part of the work has been through email and Twitter. Lawyers of all stripes, throughout the country, have been using the internet to stay in touch, to offer expertise in drafting documents, to deal with law enforcement groups, and to provide each other with words of encouragement. Essentially, thousands of lawyers throughout the nation coalesced seemingly out of nowhere to do what they do best: turn a chaotic situation into an orderly one.

GSRJ: How has it impacted you personally?

CLG: I have never been so proud to be a lawyer. To see so many selflessly offer all that they know, as well as their time, in the name of advocacy for those who do not have a voice has been a humbling and inspiring experience. It’s been an educational one, too; after watching a group of at-the-ready-lawyers join forces band together to uphold their view of the Constitution, our laws, and our government, I recalled the point Shakespeare was making when he had Dick the Butcher proclaim “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” in Henry IV! We can truly be a force to be reckoned with.

On a more personal note, too, the incredible diversity of those battling on the front lines alongside me made an impression. Sitting at our makeshift clinic table by Green Beans Coffee in Terminal B, I was struck by the cross-section of America that I shared the table with. Of our two Arabic interpreters, one was a first generation American whose parents came to this country from Qatar. The other was a young white man from an elite northeastern college. Our attorneys included a married couple, Punjabi by ancestry, who had grown up in Iraq and still have parents living there, a Latina immigration lawyer who worked in Biglaw, and a woman who had dusted off her law degree to come out of retirement and help. We also had a female Egyptian lawyer who works with refugees, a young female lawyer who works in the Newark public defender’s office, and me – a Jewish tax lawyer recently transplanted from Austin, Texas.

It is necessary to have all those voices at the table to formulate our responses. As cliché as it might sound, our diversity truly is our strength. I will absolutely cherish this experience; it has been exciting and consistently impressive to witness so many attorneys roused from their corporate slumber to answer the primal call of our profession and defend our system of laws. I hope that many of us will continue this hard, important work as we return to our normal practices, and take to heart the lesson of our role in American society. I know that I will.

Helping Displaced Families During the Holidays

The reports coming daily out of Syria are heartbreaking. More than 470,000 people have been killed during the country’s 4+ years of civil war and some 11 million people—half of the country’s pre-war population—have been forced to flee their homes. Roughly two-thirds of those displaced have been women and children. The war in Syria, raging since late 2011, has produced the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

While giving back to the Austin community has always been—and will always be—important to GSRP, this crisis has compelled us to reach beyond our borders, to extend a helping hand to those families that have been enveloped by war and irreparably impacted by decisions that were not their own.

As such, we have become a proud supporter of NuDay Syria, a non-profit founded in the wake of the 2011 Syrian government crackdowns. With the tagline “One Person at a Time, One Humanity,” NuDay Syria is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid—food, clothing, personal hygiene and medical supplies—to displaced families, with a focus on women and girls who have lost the male breadwinner in their families and often don’t have the skills or experience to earn a living. The organization also focuses on supporting infants and new mothers, establishing schools and soup kitchens, and sponsoring orphans. They are working to make a tangible difference and bring hope and light to those who need it.

As you gather with loved ones this holiday season, we urge you to think of those who have lost all the comforts of home and family. Please considering donating to NuDay Syria today.

GSRP Sponsors Austin Jewish Academy Gala

GSRP is a proud 2016 sponsor of the Austin Jewish Academy’s annual gala, scheduled for February 20 at the Hyatt Regency Austin. This year’s theme is 80s Gala, and the event will honor Ilene Novy.

GSRP partner Cindy Grossman serves on the board of AJA, which has been a pillar of Austin’s Jewish community since 1997. The academy is a Jewish day school open to all students K-8; the faculty works diligently to instill the core values of tikkun olam, community, tradition, empowerment, excellence and integrity.

For more information on the 80s Gala and AJA, visit

Firm is Proud Sponsor of The Contemporary Austin

GSRP is now a proud sponsor of The Contemporary Austin, the capital city’s premier contemporary arts museum. Created in 2011 by a merger of the Jones Center for Contemporary Art and the Austin Museum of Art, Contemporary Austin showcases two renowned and architecturally unique locations and brings multidisciplinary exhibitions, engaging programs, and enticing special events to the city’s visual arts landscape.

Supporting the museum falls squarely in line with GSRP’s strong support of Austin’s art and art business communities. Through long-standing relationships with both local artists as well as gallery owners who represent artists around the globe, we have built a unique collection of original works.