Changes to Our Firm in 2020: GSR Becomes GBGR

The new decade ushers in a new era for our law firm. As we say a very difficult good-bye to our long-serving partner and friend, Derry Swanger, who is joining a smaller practice to gain lifestyle flexibility, partners Cindy Grossman and Steven Baker will join their partners, Leslie Giordani and Michael Ripp, in the firm’s name. Accordingly, Giordani Swanger Ripp LLP (“GSR”) will move forward effective March 1, 2020 as Giordani Baker Grossman & Ripp LLP (“GBGR”). The practice areas and services of GBGR remain identical to those of GSR. We eagerly look forward to the coming decade and beyond to continuing our representation of our national and international clientele, by offering a broad but focused suite of private client services with a foundation in tax and estate planning. For more information, please see our formal announcement here.