Michael Ripp to Speak at Int’l Tax Conference

GSRP Partner Michael Ripp will present “Life Insurance and Annuities: Effective Tools in Pre-Immigration Tax Mitigation” at the 35th Annual International Tax Conference. Scheduled for January 5 and 6 in Miami, the conference is sponsored by the Tax Section of the Florida State Bar Association. The session will addresses the various applications of life insurance and annuity products for mitigating the federal tax consequences of immigrating to the U.S., whether temporarily or permanently. It will also emphasize the use of private placement contracts and other cost-efficient products of particular interest to the high net worth immigrant.

Michael’s primary expertise is advising non-U.S. individuals regarding the tax and legal issues involved in pre-immigration planning, temporary residency, and planning for gifts to their U.S.-resident families, both during lifetime and at death. A significant portion of his practice also involves advice regarding mechanisms for deploying leverage in the acquisition or monetization of assets, including real estate.