J. Ross Buchholtz
Tax & Accounting

Ross’s extensive expertise and background in U.S. tax and related compliance matters facilitates his work with firm clients and attorneys on income and transfer tax matters, with regard to business transactions, choice of entity structure, and investments in pass-through entities. Ross is not an attorney.

In his role as the firm’s tax and accounting practice professional, Ross Buchholtz draws on his background as a practicing senior certified public accountant; he regularly researches and analyzes complex domestic and international tax issues, facilitates tax reporting and compliance for individuals, domestic and foreign entities and  trusts, and oversees the preparation of income, estate, and gift tax returns. Ross has extensive experience in the preparation and examination of all types of federal and state income tax returns, and his previous experience as a founder in public accounting firms provides a strong background for dealing with the income and transfer tax issues encountered by the firm’s clients.