Complex Structure Administration

Because GFGR approaches client representations in a holistic manner, we understand that the careful administration of complex legal structures is the next logical step following planning and implementation.

Accordingly, the firm offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist clients and their other advisors in the administration of international estate planning, private placement life insurance, captive insurance, and investment and business structures. Depending on the level of administrative support that GFGR clients receive from their family offices, accountants, or other legal advisors, GFGR’s administrative services can be tailored to encompass virtually all administrative needs or they can be limited to only a few areas. The scope of administrative services includes tax reporting; reporting to local administrative bodies; liaison services with trustees, protectors, asset managers, and custodians; maintenance of corporate or partnership books and records; facilitating contributions to or withdrawals from structures; and general transactional assistance. GFGR has developed proprietary filing and record-keeping systems in all of the areas with respect to which the firm offers administrative support services, and such systems provide clients with ready access to historical data when it is required. In order to ensure optimal cost-effectiveness of these administrative services, the majority of the work is performed by non-lawyer professionals and GFGR charges for administrative services at a reduced hourly rate schedule as compared to its charges for planning and implementation projects.


Leslie C. Giordani

Leslie primarily represents high net worth individuals and family offices in a wide variety of legal matters. Her particular focus is domestic and international trust, investment, and life insurance structures.

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Michael H. Ripp, Jr.

Michael represents high net worth individuals and family offices in the design, implementation, and administration of domestic and international trust, investment, and life insurance structures.

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Lauren Fitte

Lauren M. Fitte

Lauren focuses on the design, implementation and administration of domestic and international estate and business plans for GFGR’s clients.

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Lena M. Hall

Lena's practice focuses on the federal income, estate, and gift tax implications for clients utilizing complex estate planning, trust, and business strategies across multiple jurisdictions.

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J. Ross Buchholtz
Tax & Accounting

Ross draws upon his extensive experience as a senior certified public accountant to advise clients on a variety of income and transfer tax matters.

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Bruce S. Kentros

Bruce's efforts are focused on complex structure administration and international estate and wealth protection planning.

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