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Supporting Families Around the U.S.

GSRJ is proud and enduring supporter of the Austin community – but world events often compel us to reach beyond our borders and extend a helping hand to families navigating situations far beyond their control. That is why we have become a proud supported of the Autism Hope Alliance, an organization that embodies hope for families facing an autism diagnosis. AHA provides education, support and financial assistance to families facing the challenges of autism.

Did you know that 1 in 59 children in the United States is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder? Or that the diagnosis costs caregivers an extra $60,000 per year through childhood. Moreover, mothers of children with ASD earn 56% less than mothers of children without health limitations. Families need help and AHA provides that; to date, the Autism Hope Alliance has helped more than 55,000 families and provided more than $2 million in assistance.

The organization has recently launched its Support Autism Hope campaign in collaboration with Tony Robbins. He will match every dollar donated to the AHA to ensure families around the country can get the support they need while living with autism. Learn more and donate today!