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Chesner Makes Second Appearance at Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership

On Saturday, February 24th, COO and Finance Director Bob Chesner once again presented at Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership event, held this year in Sun Valley, Idaho. Bob’s presentation highlighted the power of private placement life insurance in creating abundant tax-free retirement income. We’re thrilled that Bob was once again extended the incredible opportunity to share his passion among such distinguished company.

Staff Presentations for October 2013

Leslie Giordani presents “Evaluating Private Placement Life Insurance In A High Investment Tax Environment” at the 39th Annual Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute conference. The conference took place at the University of Notre Dame.

Bob Chesner presents “Recent Trends in Private Placement Life Insurance for Affluent Families: Tax Free Investing in a Taxing Environment” at Callan Independent Adviser Group’s 2013 National Conference in Washington, D.C.